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You can read all about it HERE, and it’s as awesome as it looks and sounds.

From the article:

Made With Code is a new Google initiative to motivate future female programmers. Only 18% of computer science degrees are earned by women, and Google is spending $50 million over the next three years to change those numbers.

More than 150 high school girls turned out for the event, including local chapters of the Girl Scouts of the USA, Black Girls Code and Girls Who Code. Kaling, a writer and actress, emceed the premiere, which brought in Google X Vice President Megan Smith, Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton, iLuminate creator Miral Kotb, Pixar Director of Photography Danielle Feinberg and UNICEF Innovation cofounder Erica Kochi.

Source: Mashable

This is so important because this will give girls a HUGE confidence boost. Girls should feel empowered to create and engineer and problem solve. I am in a class split into two sections of eighty people with SEVEN females and SEVENTY THREE males. We need more girls in this profession PLEASE learn how to code even if it’s something as simple as html you can only grow from there. Tech jobs are in such high demand and honestly, being a female is an advantage because there aren’t many in the field.

Girls in STEM are one of my favorite things

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Jeffery Campbell - Bat Girl

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can we stop pouring praise on men who aren’t actively violently misogynistic? like. just because their misogyny is subtle doesn’t mean it’s not harmful.

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Two single muslim moms are in dire need of assistance. One has 5 kids and no source of income and one has 2 kids and is homeless. IF YOU CAN NOT DONATE, ATLEAST SHARE THE LINK SO WE CAN HELP THESE MOTHERS OUT. ITS RAMADAN GUYS, IMAGINE YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION, WOULDNT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO HELP YOU OUT??!!

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*me to my white crush*

Give us our land back so i know its real

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i feel this really hard

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